F R E N C H  T U T O R I N G  I N   P A R I S

F R E N C H    L E S S O N S   I N   P A R I S  

Small Group French Classes in Paris

I limit the size of the groups (max 4 people) to maximise individual attention and give you plenty of opportunity to speak French.

The classes will take place in a cosy space in Paris (11st arrondissement) for group classes.

(It's also possible in a café if we are less than 4)

Why to join a French Group Class?

  • Opportunity to meet and socialize with other French learners.

  • Good for group discussion, learning and sharing.

  • Cost effective

  • Lesson fixed at a time that fits into your schedule.

A French Group Class is best suited for you if...

  • You want someone at the same level to join you.

  • You want to meet people.

  • You want to communicate with different people.

  • You want to split the cost.


You are totally beginner?  no problem!

Join the group of beginners. We will start french from zero. 

That is the best way to improve step by step the language.

Hello, Monday, Tuesday, one two tree, the verbs, present, past... 

That group is FOR YOU! 

Monday / Thursday - 18H00-19H00 -

(if that time doesn't work for you, just contact me!)


These general French classes are designed for advanced beginners. 

You are difficulties to speak? to understand? 

Thoses intermediate classes focus on your spoken skills.

I will guide you through current general topics and help you perfect your fluidity of speech.

Tuesday / Thursday - 18H00-19H00 -

(if that time doesn't work for you, just contact me!)

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french classes paris
french lessons paris
french lessons paris