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F R E N C H  T U T O R I N G  I N   P A R I S

F R E N C H    L E S S O N S   I N   P A R I S  

One-to one French classes 
in Paris

My goal is to make you able to communicate in French.  And this, is the same for all levels! French lessons in Paris


First of all, know that my approach is always personalized and flexible.

I offer French lessons for people visiting Paris for a short stay, for a business trip but also for people who want to build a new life in France or simply as a nomadic worker.

I offer French lessons in person or also online, tailor-made to meet your objectives.

I am based in Paris in the 18th arrondissement but I also offer my lessons online around the world.

We can practice everyday French in a conversation, but also business French, we can also prepare for an exam (DELF/DALF/TCF) but also be in language immersion.


Classes are for adults & children and of course ALL LEVELS.


We will work together on everything you need to be comfortable in French: speaking, reading, writing and listening.


Each lesson is personalized according to the needs of the student.

First of all, I work on the conjugation of verbs, grammar and at each lesson, we practice conversation.

And of course, all the lessons (whether in the cafe or online) we will practice the language in a good atmosphere so that everyone has a good time.

My approach is the communication. 

We will speak together to practice what you recently acquire. 

And if you need, we restart from zero! no problem!

For example, we will start from using simple present tenses, and then past tenses, future...

 Ok! We do a short point of grammar and then : we talk with no complexe. I use up the context in my classes: your immersion in the French language, since you now live in Paris!

Same things than beginners but more complexe!

You will learn good French basis.

 As now you know basis of French language, you will adapt you learning to your specific goals : French for work or to study in France.

The frame stay the same, and we are free to work about more precise subjects. Also, I provide you more support: To improve your writing, autonomy by using reference sites, spellers, web applications etc … To developp your knowledges of French written and oral culture. To prepare for oral presentations in French, in demanding environments.

We can prepare together with the books or websites, your french exams.

- DELF ( level A1;A2;B1;B2)

- TCF 

(writing, reading, presentation, interviews...)

- Schools exams (secondary school, hight school, university...) 


french lessons
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french classes paris
french lessons paris
french lessons paris
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