French Lessons in Paris : Bread Related Vocabulary when learning French

Simple essential terms on types of bread and ingredients:

“Pain”: bread

“Une miette, une mie”: crumb

“L’a croute”: Crust

“Croustillant” (e): Crusty

“Une pâte”: dough

“Pain de campagne”: farmhouse bread

“La farine”: flour

“Un pain aux noix “: nut bread

“un pain de seigle”: rye bread

“un pain de mie “: sandwich bread

“une tranche”: a slice

“tranche”: sliced

“Un pain au levain”: sourdough bread

“Un pain à l’épautre”: spelt bread

“Un pain blanc”: white bread

“Pain complet”: wholemeal or whole-wheat bread

“la levure”: yeast

Useful expressions when paying:

“Désolée, je n’ai pas de monnaie”: sorry, I have no change

“J’ai seulement un billet”: I only have a note

“Est-ce que je peux payer avec la carte bancaire?”: can I pay with a credit card?

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