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French lessons in Paris - THE good reasons to learn french in Paris?

  • It is not limited to one or two continents.

  • French is spoken in two of the G7 countries.

  • France is the world’s major tourist destination (82 million tourists a year)

  • France is Europe’s foremost investor abroad.

  • France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany have the lowest rates of inflation in the European Union. (This is an indicator of the health of these countries).

  • France is in 4th position in terms of world power and it does not have the dept problems facing many other major industrialized nations. (A positive sign for joint projects, business and scientific co-operation).

  • France is renowned for the quality of its high tech. (The TGV is the fastest train in the world -515 kph).

  • French is the official language of the International Red Cross.

  • French is one of the two official languages at the Olympic Games.

  • French-speaking Africa represents an area larger than the USA.

  • French is the most widely taught second language after English.

  • French is one of the official languages of the United Nations.

  • French is a major language of high tech and business in the world.

  • Over 20,000 English words have their origins in French.

  • In terms of number of words, French is the second largest language after English.

  • France offers a range of generous scholarship to our graduate students.

  • Paris had 1,100 congresses in 1993 (including 400 international congresses) -a world record.

  • France has the world’s greatest number of Nobel Prize winners in literature (12).

  • Montréal is the second largest French speaking city in the world.

  • The US does business/trade with the following countries in order of importance: 1. French speaking countries; 2. Japan; 3. Spanish speaking countries.

  • Be able to fully enjoy, at the cinema or in TV , the best films from the French speaking world.

  • Learning French can help you

improve the impersonal skills you bring to your international career.

  • You can do so many more interesting things on the internet if you speak French. (There are many high quality internet sites available in French ranging from fashion to finance, society to science, music, medicine…just to mention a few)

So join my classes in Paris or Online.

Learn french with Caroline in Paris

French lessons in Paris

French classes in Paris

French tutor in Paris

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