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French lessons in Paris : Fact Or Fantasy: Why The French Language Is Considered To Be "The Lan

Fact Or Fantasy: Why The French Language Is Considered To Be "The Language Of Love"

During the 12th century, in France, it was widely considered that true love was not to be expected in marriage, which was more or less an economic, social and religious arrangement. Love was idealized. Being in love was an honorable and virtuous condition. In literature knights would return from battle and woo a lady, often their lord's spouse. Their love would be noble, chaste, lofty and spiritual. This is referred to as l'amour courtois. The woman (of noble standing) was venerated, the lover was poetic and full of virtue. It's a revolutionary concept of love in which women are not treated as inferior, but rather as someone to deeply respect. This was thanks to troubadours (valiant, high-minded poets of noble descent) who sang their love all through the southwestern part of the country, in the form of poetic verses. Their style of love-making, la fin'amor, became a kind of social movement. Their language was Occitan. Actually, this language is still living today. These troubadours had a tremendous influence all through the south, and ended up influencing the north as well. Bit by bit the Occitan language and the more guttural language of the north ( langue d'oil) interpenetrated and became LE FRANÇAIS, langue de l'amour !

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